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Where to Stay Near Incredible Jog Falls | Gundimane

What a fabulous day it was! Jog Falls is this 300 meter waterfall in Karnataka that I’ve been wanting to see for a while. Makes Dudsagar Falls look silly! Here’s a little peak at the famous waterfall and where to stay near Jog Falls.

Sadly, it was low on water during a visit, although still a magnificent sight. But to be honest, what really made the trip to Jog Falls memorable was the homestay and the mom that ran it rather than seeing the actual falls themselves. I don’t recommend just driving to the falls then going home. I think staying in the area was really fun and can’t say enough food things about our homestay.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls

Jog FallsI was stoked that two Canadian girls joined up on the goMowgli tour for this last loop through Karnataka (starting in Gokarna and going through the Jungle to Mysore). They were just what I needed at the end of a long month in Karnataka to give me an energy boost. They were also both nurses, one a travel nurse, so right away we had plenty to talk about. On a side note, they had just come from Wagah border and we heard that day there was a terrorist attack on the Pakistani side killing 60 which is just devastating. They had so much to tell me about their journey that made me very nostalgic to when I went to same towns as them, that I’ve asked them to let me share some of their stories- coming soon!

Jog Falls, Karnataka

Back to the falls… They were great, but the best time to go is in monsoon (July-Sept). There weren’t as many people there as I expected, although we did get bothered a little bit for photos by some men- something that’s kind of unavoidable here. I don’t mind taking photos with families because that’s cute and it’s actually really fun to hold some random person’s baby! I actually will try to take selfies with people’s babies sometimes so I try to oblige the random photo people want of me.

Jog FallsEven off-season here, the water can be flowing; it’s all based on if the dams are open. It’s the second biggest falls in India (the first is in Assam) and it generates power through a nearby power plant.

Gundimane | at home with nature

We stayed at Gundimani (meaning big pit) which is un-shockingly in a valley! It’s just 10 km from Jog Falls. It’s pretty hidden in the Jungle, but so worth going to check out! This area is the Western Ghats, but more specifically it’s called Sharavati.

Jog Falls

Jog Falls

Jog Falls gundimaneThe rooms were amazing, huge, and clean. Big fluffy pillows, comfortable beds, hot water, and hiking trails to amazing viewpoints over the river. Don’t even get me started on the food… some of the best I’ve had in South India. If you stay, you might get lucky and use my FAVORITE pillow & soft Fab India pillow case that I forgot there :( After lugging a FULL size pillow around Karnataka for a month, I lost it with only 4 days left on my trip. It was so worth taking though.

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimaneWe hung out with the family, had some Mysore pak and tea, and played carom (although I didn’t play, I caught up on work!). There were four cute dogs outside, although they were on chains so we couldn’t play too much. The first thing I noticed at this homestay was the Grandpa sitting on the porch… and once you see that, you know it’s going to be a cozy place!

The guides were outside playing carom and I joked I was going to lock them out on the patio. Well, as I walked away, out of habit I did lock the door and lock them out! LOL They were telling me through the window to let them in and I’m saying, “you guys, I didn’t really lock you out..” They’re like, Umm yes you did. hah!

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimaneIf you’re on the goMowgli tour and want to relax, I think this is the perfect place to “hop off” for a while. There are lots of hikes and waterfalls to see, backwater tours, and spice plantation tours. Water sports are available nearby like boating, kayaking, and rafting. They can arrange local transportation to these areas.

Even if you’re not considering a goMowgli tour, this homestay is highly recommended. They offer something called a moonlight dinner (and an island lunch) that I’m curious enough about to go back with Ben!

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimaneIt’s crazy how we fit all our bags in! & these were the most energetic dogs I’ve ever seen. I wanted to let them off to play with them but I think they were young and would have run away.

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

Jog Falls and Homestay gundimane

 Practical information for Jog Falls and Gundimane:

  • Location of Gundimane: Aralagoda 577421, Sagar Taluk, Shivamogga District, Karnataka. To book visit the website http://www.gundimane.com, email [email protected], or phone +91 8186243131
  • Price: 1700 for a room (not per person) and there is a dorm being added soon. Food is 130 for lunch and dinner and 75 for breakfast.


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      some of these were taken with a point and shoot canon camera, and others with my MI3 phone!

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    Truly an amazing place, I missed them twice on my visit to the nearby areas due to heavy rains ( when they are the prettiest )….

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    Wow, Jog Falls looks amazing. The falls look stunning in your photos, so I can’t imagine what they look like during the rainy season! I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about Indian families taking photos of/with you. I still find it so weird when people want photos with me. Tourists get that all the time in Indonesia. Sometimes I feel if you indulge the requests are never ending!

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    Hi Rachel,
    Hope you are doing good. I accidentally came across your article only now. GundiMane is looked after by my parents. Thanks for all the kind words and for promoting the HomeStay. Hope you visit us soon.

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